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Liana Shushanyan

Type Designer

Liana Shushanyan is an interpreter, translator and type designer based in Armenia. She is currently working on creating new typefaces. She received her B.S. at the Department of Political Science and her M.D at the Faculty of Public Relations of Yerevan State Linguistic University after Valery Brusov before actually becoming interested in design and type art. Even though Liana finds both of her professions really helpful, one thing that she is truly passionate about that motivates her to create something special and worthwhile is design and type art.

After graduating she got engaged in different projects connected with this sphere and started to work as a type designer at the Department of Creating and Saving Armenian Fonts. She is also a regular contributor to GRANSHAN project where she is involved in the organizing committee of the events. By the way, in 2017 Liana’s first typeface won a special mention in the category of Armenian–Latin Typefaces in this international non-Latin type design competition. Currently, she is enthusiastically working to maintain and develop Armenian typefaces that have a special place in her working field.