Submissions are closed—results will be announced on the 17th June, during GRANSHAN Talks & Ceremony.


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Be part of the unique opportunity to showcase your skills: Join the world’s only professional competition focused exclusively on typefaces covering scripts beyond Latin.

submission closed 

A big thank you to our entrants! Evaluation has been completed—all results will be announced on 17 June during the GRANSHAN Talks & Ceremony.

GRANSHAN Statement on our position – on the occasion of the allegations regarding our Script Group Cyrillic

Your winning work will tour the globe, and be featured in a traveling exhibition at international conferences worldwide.

Get ready for the spotlight. Your winning designs will be showcased on the GRANSHAN website, promoted across social media and celebrated by our media partners.


3,000 €

The GRAND PRIZE comes with a generous endowment of 3,000 €.

Liana Shushanyan receiving the GIVE VOICE TO TYPE megaphone for winning 1st prize for her typeface. Image by Michael Bundscherer.


  • Shani Avni
  • Anuthin Wongsunkakon
  • Liu Zhao
  • Angela Poghosova
  • Haytham Nawar.
    Haytham Nawar
  • Irene Vlachou

Discovering perfection in every glyph. Over 60 global script experts come together in a unique three-level process to curate the world’s most exceptional typefaces beyond Latin.

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»To bring together a multitude of experts in global type­faces from around the world proved to be a very worth­while endeavor: It is one ingenious way to keep diversity alive, to make sure that the written word in a variety of languages from anywhere in the globe stay fresh and juicy.«
~ Stefan Sagmeister

Choose from an exciting range of ten distinct Script Groups!

Edik Ghabuzyan Lifetime Achievement Award for Armenian Type Design
South Asian Scripts
South East Asian Scripts


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Captured at the close of the 2022 conference and ceremony, speakers and attendees come together on stage, embodying unity and celebration.
Image by Michael Bundscherer

GRANSHAN celebrates the diversity and richness of typographic scripts that underpin global communication, empower communities and enable identity.

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Frequently asked questions:

What are the accepted payment gateways?
We accept the following Payment Gateways via Stripe: Apple Pay, PayPal, Credit Card.
How much do I have to pay for the entry?
The fee policy reflects differences in global living standards and possibilities, the difference between students, freelancers and small, medium and bigger type foundries. Please check the website for the table of minimum fees for each category of submission.
Can I cancel my submission?
As long as you have not yet completed the submission, you can discard the drafts at any time. Unfortunately, once you have pressed the Submit button, it is no longer possible to withdraw your submission and fees cannot be refunded.
What are the keydates of the 13th GRANSHAN Competition?
• You can submit your work from 27 November 2023 to 15 February 2024.
• The Jury will start their work in March 2024.
• The Announcement of the winners will happen in June 2024.
Why should I submit my work at the 13th GRANSHAN Competion?
If you submit your outstanding work, your typeface will be evaluated by international top-class experts. In each category and script group a first, second and third prize can be awarded as well as special mentions. One GRANSHAN GRAND PRIZE of € 3,000 will be awarded by the Script Chairs at the end of the judging process to the best of the best.
How do I apply for the 13th GRANSHAN Competition?
All type designers, type foundries, and clients with custom typefaces from all parts of the world are invited to take part in the competition. You may submit your work at the website