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Self Commitment Statement

At the end of the last, 12th edition of our Type Design Competition, we already had a whole series of questions about GRANSHAN's position on honouring works whose entrants do not distance themselves from Russia's invasion of Ukraine or even support it. We then decided to publish a "GRANSHAN Statement for our times" together with the announcement of the winners in order to publicise the attitude of the GRANSHAN community.

In numerous discussions, we have come to the conclusion that we now want to expand this GRANSHAN statement for the 13th competition and make it even more fundamental. And every submitter and, of course, every jury member, i.e. all Script Chairs and Script Specialists, must agree to this statement as a "declaration of commitment" before submission or evaluation.

GRANSHAN Self Commitment Statement

As the hub for global visual identity, GRANSHAN celebrates fonts and typography, design, and communication. And in doing so, GRANSHAN supports communities, culture, and businesses to evolve in a balance between local, regional, and global. GRANSHAN is a project of international understanding: communication managed with high quality fonts and excellent typography enables communication and empowers identity. Our attitude is never exclusionary, but broad and inclusive.

At the same time, we are aware of the wide range of conflict situations and injustices of all kinds worldwide; as a globally active project, we are regularly confronted with them. We are mindful of the challenge and the pitfalls of judging things from the outside. Amongst the founders and supporters of the GRANSHAN Foundation there are many people with strong views in these areas. We respect these, and – as long as this respect and openness is mutual – we are happy to expose ourselves to this diversity of opinions and rise to the challenge of mutual understanding.

Across our range of activities, our red lines are clear: we cannot provide a platform for anyone who speaks out in favor of any form of war of aggression, terrorism, any kind of discrimination and harassment. We stand for a world order founded on international law and mutual understanding and cooperation.

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