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Eunyou Noh

Korean Script Chair

Eunyou Noh is a type designer and researcher, currently serving as the Type Design Director at Sandoll. She earned her BA, MA, and PhD in Hangul Type Design from Hongik University. Her doctoral dissertation focused on the morphological characteristics and lineage of Choi Jeong-ho's Hangul typeface, the first-generation Hangul type designer. In 2014, she published "Choi Jeong-ho's Hangul Type Design."

From 2012 to 2015, Eunyou Noh worked as a senior researcher at the AG Typography Institute, contributing to projects for Amore Pacific and Samsung. In 2017, she pursued MA type design studies at the Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague (KABK), and later shared her expertise as an adjunct professor at Ewha Womans University, Konkuk University, and Hongik University.

In 2018, Eunyou Noh founded NohType, introducing typefaces like "Optique" (2019), "Sori" (2020), and "Climate Crisis Font: Hangul" (2022). Currently, she continues her journey in the field at Sandoll.